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Locksmith phoenix chandler mesa az
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Heather G.

Chandler, AZ


Well every road trip has its blunders.  Ours included that we forgot to pack our house key.  So needless to say, while still in Pennsylvania, I looked up locksmiths in Chandler online and saw that this place had a great review.  We called before the flight even took off for Phoenix and scheduled for someone to come to our home to open the lock.  A new key was manufactured and presented to my boyfriend, a souvenir we both laugh about.  ;o)  The service was over and done with in 15 minutes and it only cost $65, which is pretty good for a late-night housecall locksmith.  :o)  Hopefully we won’t have to use them again, but if a situation arises, A-Professional Locks is who we’re gonna call.

MaryLou D.

San Diego, CA

This place rescued my mother more than once over the years and were very helpful to me when I needed extra keys made and when I had questions about how to operate the “keyless entry” lock on the front door.  I had the combination but needed the technique and they gave me enough suggestions that I was able to figure it out.  My worst fear was that I would lock myself out and not be able to get back in if I couldn’t work the combination.  Thanks for all your help guys!

Heather G.

Chandler, AZ
5 star rating
Updated – 7/17/2009

We’ve used these guys two more times since the original for an apartment we rent out to tenants in Mesa! They are very professional, reasonably priced and on-time!

Jim W.

Chandler, AZ
5 star rating

I have dealt with these guys on three occasions and they have been great every time.

I went to Lowe’s and they:

a. Didn’t have blanks for all the keys I needed
b. The keys they did copy didn’t work anyway

So I went to my friendly neighborhood locksmith where every key was flawless, even the “manufacturer only” keys that they didn’t have a perfect match for. They were still able to shave a close blank down and make my keys.

I never go anywhere else now. Why bother.

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