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Safe Accessories

AR Rack Cropped 
“AR” Gun Racks
“AR” gun racks are fully adjustable and custom fit in the side shelf area of each “BF” series gun safe. Each rack is designed with enough clearance to accommodate extra large front sights or optics. All racks feature rich pin-dot fabric.
 Clip-On Battery-Powered Light Kit 
Clip-On Battery Operated Light Kit
This compact light fits any safe, yet gives off a super-bright light, letting you see the contents of your safe easily. Battery Operated.
Pistol Rack
Pistol Rack
This four-gun rack is ideal for organizing pistols inside your safe.
ESL10XL Chrome
Electronic Locks
For quick and easy entry, an electronic locks is teh choice to make.  Locks are powered by batteries located in the dial and easy to change just like your combination…
More > > 
Prevents rust and
 moisture damage.
Recommended for safes without electrical access.
 Necklace Hanger 
Necklace Hanger
(available on safes without a PDO)

Attaches to back cover of safe door and includes 13 pegs to hang necklaces tangle-free.
NOTE: Always check inside clearance before closing door.

AMSEC’s new Premium Door Organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used Items. More >>

Storeit Cabinets
These elegant, well-appointed 2-drawer and 4-drawer interior chests are the most sophisticated way to store and display your jewelry collection and letter files More > > 
 The Premium Package for BF®, SF and HS Gun Safes
 Buy the following gun safe options separately, or as part of the “Premium Package” with any BF®, SF or TF Safe
 GunSaver Dehumidifier
 GunSaver Dehumidifier
Will constantly guard your guns against the threat of rust, pitting and moisture damage.  Electrical access required.
 Jewelry Tray
 Jewelry Tray
Tray conveniently fits into every safe.
Burgundy felt lined.
 10 ³/₈ ” x 9 ³/₈ ” x 2″
 Fluorescent Light Kit 
LED Light Kit
AMSEC introduces the new HIWL120 LED AC power light kit with built-in motion sensor. The HIWL120 has two 39″ light strips with 120 high-intensity white LED’s and a motion sensor that automatically turns itself on when motion is detected and turns itself off 30 seconds after you leave the area.
The new AMSEC HIWL120 LED AC power light kit can be installed on any AMSEC safe.
(Click the photo for a larger view)
Power Strip
Power Strip 
Comes standard with the
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