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    We have a large showroom displaying many different brands and types of gun safes & accessories. Click on each brand for comparisons.



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 At A-Professional Locks we have a large showroom displaying all kinds of safes but dedicate mostly to gun safes.  We stock and are distributors of gun safes made by American Security or AMSEC, Remington, Liberty and Winchester.  There is a lot to learn when making the big choice to purchaes a gun safe.  Differences in brands, models, fire protection, burglar protection and dozens of features are available.  We encourage you to serach the differences on our website or come in and visit us Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm where a trained and certified safe professional can discuss and show you which safe will match your needs and desires.


Why gun safes?  How do I decide the right one?

As one of your privleges and embedded in our constitutional rights as American's is to own and love our guns.  Owning a gun means also caring for the responsibility to storing one.  Guns have been a part of society and the importance of storing them is as important now as it was then.  As important as it is to know when to pull the trigger of a gun is the decision of what type of gun safe or gun cabinet works best for you to keep you, your family, guns and property secure and safe.  With over 270 million Americans owning over 870 million firearms  and safety on the mind of many, owning a gun safes is almost a necessity when deciding to buy any firearm. 

For parents especially the need for a gun safe is critical.  Fact is, unfortunately, children of all ages have been curious and accustomed to playing with toy guns.  All though unintentional deaths caused by discharge of a firearm is not very high at less than 1%, there are few things worst or more devestating to a family knowing it could have been prevented.  Nobody or no parent wants to have that regret adn wishing they had invested in a gun safe before they realize it was just too late.  

As the economy is slow to recover the fact is burglaries are on the rise.  Security against burglaires is a problem.  Safes are often the solution for businesses and individuals to secure their belongings.  Guns are a big investment and important to keep them safe.  Also often is necessary to access your guns quickly incase of an intrusion of your home or to protect you and your loved ones from a dangerous situation.  At A Professional Locks we have several solutions for this as well.  We have a wide selection of accessories including pistol safes, digital keypad entry and even biometric locks which we can install on your new or existing safes.  Biometric gun safes allows the quickest entry into your safe and peace of mind that if a situation arises remember the combination is not one of your worries.

How to buy a gun safe?

Now you realize the importants of storing your weapons in a safe, what do you do now?  There are lots of Do's and Don'ts in gun safes, purchasing a safe because it was on clearance and you thought it was a good deal may not protect you in a burglar or fire like you had anticipated it would.  We'll go through some tips to make sure you feel confident in making the right purchaes and the right safe for your immediate needs and future needs as well.

What size of gun safe do I need?
Do allow purchasing a larger safe than what your neesd are now.  Our number one reason for purchasing used safes from customers if the safe is now too small.  When they purchased the safe they did not take into consideration that most gun owners through time increase their collections Our rule of thumb is to allow at least 30% more growth than what you need the day you purchase your safe.  It is a significance savings investing a couple hundred dollars more to get a larger safe than it is to purchase a new safe for thousands of dollars in a few years.  Also our expereince working with our customers is they can always find items to store in the safe.  Gun safes are often used to store much more than guns to place thoses items which are dear to you, whether they are valuable or not, it is valuable to you, right?  Why not spend the extra money knowing when you leave on vacations or have visitors in your homes it gives you the piece of mind knowing those items you value most are safe, protected and secure from others or a fire.

Are all brands of safes the same?
DO shop around for different brands, compare apples-to-apples.  Each manufacturer of safes has its own features, protection and value and are anything but the same even if the size and fire protection are the same.  You want to make sure you shop a bit for different brands.  Too remain competitive in the gun safe market many will take short cuts with less steel and features to drop teh price.  Others will make better safes with more features to seperate themselves from their competition.  Also different manufactures design and build their safes for different customers, depending on what type of customer you are.  Are you a serious gun collector, a homeowner with a couple of guns, an all around outdoor enthusiast?  Whatever you are we have a gun safe for you. 

DON"T buy the big box store safes.
You may think this is a selfish motive against the competition but not necessarily true.  The bix box stores are those I consider the large warehouse and hardware stores.  These large stores have safes made particularly from them.  These brands include some of those I carry including Winchester, Remington and Liberty, however all though they look the same what is inside and you don't see if quite different.  For example these stores will have the safe manufacutres build a safe stripping it out of all additional security featuers including lighter guage steel, no relockers, no anti-drill hard plates or UL ratings and more to cut down the cost.  The lowest model of safes as distributors which we can buy there is a lower level which they make for these types of stores.  More often then not the truth is often you get what you pay for.  Watch this video to learn more.  Big Box Safes 

DO pay more money for added fire resistance.
You have to know what you buy when it comes to gun safes.  Most gun safes will start out at 20-30 minutes and go up to 150 minutes of fire protection.  Fire proofing materials are typically layers of fire insulated dry-wall and some have their own like Amsec's pour in dry-lite material, similar to a  concrete insulator which they claim to be better, having no seams we believe to be true.  You must also beaware of what you are putting into it and at what degree of heat when they are exposed are ruined.  For example pictures, film and data hard drives or USB drives will fail at much lower temperatures than paper catching on fire.  One solution besides a longer fire rated safe is what we call a safe in a safe.  For a little extra we sell small fire proof safes which when put in a gun safe mwill help keep these more sensitive items more protected from heat and destruction in a way making it a data safe without spending the high dollar price tag which comes with them. This way you know your important documents and files will be protected times through.
You may believe if you had a fire that fire department is close by and most fires are put out within 30 minutes.  You must also consider the heat your safe is exposed to.  Different safes are rated at different temperatures to meet higher fire ratings.  Depending on what you have around your safe the degree of the fire may vary greatly.  For example if you have your gun safe in your garage where there is a vehicle or cans of gasoline if the fire goes there the temperature of that fire will be about double the heat any safe is tested at.
Ratings of safes and temperatures you must also be observant of.  The best rated safes are those which I consider to be UL or Underwriters Labratories tested.  These test are not cheap which prevent many manufacturers to have them rated with diffrent measures or non regulated companies oversees.  If you have five diffrent brands of safes with a 60 minute fire rating more than likely each one will be rated differently and will perform differently.  Sometimes the rating may only be worth the sticker is is printed on.

DO get burglar protection features.
Many of you have seen the movies where thieves break in by listening to the safe, drilling through, etc.  Most of these techniques are not far fetched and be done by professionals, perhaps just not as quickly or the wrong techniques or practices shown on the big screen.  On low grade safes a thief can easily drill in through your safe and open it quickly, or manipulate the lock and figure out your combination breaking in without you ever knowing they touched your safe.  You want a safe which is loaded with extra security features to prevent someone from breaking in and stealing your valuables.  Things to look for is
1.  Does the safe UL rated against burglar attack? 
If so what is the rating and what does it mean.  See our link on UL ratings.
2.  What is the size of the bolts on your safe and how many sides of the door are they installled? 
By rule of thumb the larger diameter the bolts and the more there are on more sides the higher protection you will have on a forced entry attack such as pry bars or crowbars which is the most common tools used for break ins.
3.  What gauge of steel is the safe built out of and on how many sides? 
Some of the cheaper safes will use lighter gauge steel to cut costs. Lighter gauge makes safes easier to penetrate with ax, picks and wedges. Many of the higher rated safes will also have thick solid pieces of steel over the door such as Amsec BF series and Winchester Legacy. This will make the doors much tougher to separate or bend.
4. Is there any drill resistant plates behind the lock?
You’ve seen the movie, where teams of highly skilled thieves break in and drill through safes, etc. – these are not so far-fetched ideas. If you buy a low-grade secure, so you can look into the content with a cordless drill. You want a safe that comes loaded with armor and other tamper-resistant features, such as drill-resistance. Some of the higher burglar rated safes come with relocking devices such as a glass-relocker behind a lock where if it is drilled the glass will break and throw additional bolts locking up the bolt work even more. Other ways the glass will break if safe is dropped or moved roughly or hit with a large device, once relockers are thown they can not be removed without hours of work, even with a professional and special safe tools.
5. Which type of lock is best?
Which is better a key, mechanical dial or electronic / biometric recognition lock like fingerprint safe lock? Each type of locks has its advantages and disadvantages. Key locks are typically found on your lowest entry safes either to open the door, retract the bolts, or override a missing combination. Easy to operate and nice to have if you lost your combination, however also easy for a professional to make a key or get in. Mechanical locks have been around for centuries securing safes and when most people think of a safe they picture a mechanical safe locking dial combination. Dial locks have been proven through time and have adapted through the years with manipulation proof devices making them very secure and can last for decades if taken well care of. Disadvantage is they are difficult to use and slow to enter, and can't change a combination by yourself. Digital keypad locks are becoming the most common lock on gun safes today. Being easy to operate, quite reliable and you can change the combination by yourself quickly and easily are the main reasons they are growing in popularity. Disadvantage is battery operated if the safe is not opened for many months the batteries may get low causing it not to open when you need it without changing the battery (which is easy to do). Also with any electronic locks through time electronic boards deteriorate. I tell my customers 50 years from now will an electronic lock still be working? Probably not but a mechanical lock if taken care of will. With that being said in 50 years will it be relevant, technology may take us to a whole new level by then. Bimetric fingerprint locks are the new locks in the industry. Fingerprint readers make it more secure since no on can steal your fingerprint. Biggest advantage is it can be opened almost immediately. If you need to get in you won't have to worry about remembering your combination and entry is almost immediate. Down side is no as reliable as the others but getting better and better.

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