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Window Locks

Benefits of Window Locks
Prevent intruders from entering your home through a window
Prevent children from opening windows and falling out or leaving your protected home
Secure a window even when it is slightly opened allowing fresh air into your home

Do Window Locks Create Life Safety During a Fire?
Window locks can definately be a concern and something which needs to be considered when choosing a type of lock to secure your home.  There should never be a lock which on a window which can not be easily opened incase of an emergency.  Often these locks can be original locks from the manucture which don’t work well, rusty or broken.  In any case if you have a lock which can not be opened easily you should call a professional to get them replaced or fixed.

Which Window Lock is Best For You?
Home security is a vital issue in everyday life and any individual or family would want to be certain that apart from secure doors, there are lock on the windows that keep intruders from coming into their home and causing harm or stealing valuable items. The type of window you use and its styling will determine the appropriate locks to be fitted, but understanding the types of locks out there could help you decide what is best for your home; at times, a security upgrade may be necessary. The exact functions of the lock should be determined in order to figure out the best type to insure complete window security. There are several common types of lock and examining each type may help answer some questions.

Keyed Sash
These fixtures can be installed on double hung windows. They are installed on the side of the window, and a key must be used to open them. Sash locks can create a serious fire hazard because a key must be used.  Many people like keyed sash locks because they last longer than manual locks and often stronger than most other locks.  They also make it more difficult for a child to bypass or damage. 

This type is simple to install and can be easily removed. It also allows the window to be locked in place even when it is not closed all the way. A lock that requires a key may be added to these windows to add extra security from intruders, but this can also make the product more dangerous in case of fire.

Window Latch
This is one of the most common styles available. It mounts to the side of one window, hooking it to the other one when the handle is pulled into place. In most circumstances, the latch is fairly safe; it is easy to operate if it is in good repair. The window must be completely closed, however, in order to be locked.

Folding Locks
These are similar to the hinged wedge style. It allows the window to be open, while allowing it to remain locked. It must be pushed back into place before the window can be fully opened, so it may still pose a slight safety risk.

Window lock safety will probably be the biggest concern most people will have with these products. There are many options out there, and not all of them are as safe as others. Sliding and window latch styles are some of the easiest and fastest to open. Hinged wedge and folding lock styles allow air flow while still preventing entry from outsiders. The most secure from burglars may be the keyed sash variety, but it also may be the most dangerous in an emergency. Fire safety should be a prime concern—it may save a life, while a lock can only save possessions.

If your window locks are old or damaged, or if the style is too difficult for you to open, you may want to consider installing new ones. It is important to have locks that you can open easily and as fast as possible. Having the right locks on your windows may end up making the difference between life and death if a fire breaks out in your home.

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