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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Free Security Review of Your Home
At A-Professional Locks we understand how important cameras can be for your homes to deter and protect.  There is a lot to consider when choosing the types of cameras, recording and viewing devices.  We are pleased to be your security consultant in designing a system to view what you need to view everything you need from equipment, facility, product or people.

Cameras In All Shapes and Sizes
The most common use of CCTV cameras is for surveillance of your property and product.  All though it is often used to view an incident in the past of theft or vandalism one of the best uses of cameras is it is large deterrent of these acts.  Always better to prevent an incident then to view one we always feel.  We have a wide variety of cameras which can see in total darkness, covert cameras shaped like common household items, cameras which can move and zoom in with your control.  Let us know what you want to see and we'll give you a product which can do it effeciently.

Which Recording Device Is Best For You
There are many ways to view you cameras.  The most common devices are digital video recorders (DVR's) which are stored on local devices at your homw with a built in hard drive.  You can view previous recordings for possibly many years with a variety of quality and performance options and features.  One of the largest features our customers use is record on motion detection, integrate into your alarm or access control system, alert your phone via email or text that an incident has occurred.  You can remotely view cameras via a network or through your smart phone any time or any where. 

IP Based Cameras
Technology which is growing more and has become much more reliable and higher quality is IP-based cameras, many with megapixel sensors.  These cameras record directly to a network-attached storage devices, the "Cloud Network", or internal flash memory for a stand alone device to be installed in remote areas.  Give us a call and we can view your facility and find out what type of system and cameras would best fit your needs and budget.

We support: Eclipse cameras , Pelco cameras , Honeywell cameras, Samsung cameras, Panasonic cameras, and more…

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