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Residential Services

Residential Services

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  • Alarm Systems

    All Types of Protection for your family! There are not many better ways to detour burglars from breaking into your home and protecting your family than having a reliable alarm system with 24/7 police monitoring. We carry a variety of burglar alarm systems which are user friendly extremely effective at deterring and detecting intruders. There […]

  • Bump and Pick Resistant Locks

    Bump and Pick Resistant Locks How secure is your family and belongings in your home?  This is a question everyone should take a step back and ask themselves.  We fill our homes with keepsake treasures, new state of the art electronics, collectibles and many things which could never be replaced.  Now ask yourself what you you […]

  • CCTV

    Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Free Security Review of Your Home At A-Professional Locks we understand how important cameras can be for your homes to deter and protect.  There is a lot to consider when choosing the types of cameras, recording and viewing devices.  We are pleased to be your security consultant in designing a system to view […]

  • Decorative Hardware

    Image from Frank Lumber, The Door Store When quality counts and imitations aren't tolerated, Baldwin Hardware is who people turn to. Baldwin hardware will turn heads and will transform your home into something exceptional bringing attention to your home before they even open your door. Baldwin has many styles and finishes to choose from for […]

  • Door Accessories

    Door Accessories

  • Intercoms

    Who Is Knocking On Your Door? Need to know who is wanting to enter your home, friend, family or solicitor? Intercom systems can be installed at your port of entry allowing you to talk and see from another room or even another facility. Security, convenience, or efficiency are all good reasons to purchase an intercom […]

  • Keyless Entry

      Convenience and Security Want to increase convenience and safety for your home, try a keyless entry lock on your front door today. Keyless entry is getting more and more popular with home owners eliminating need of keys for guests or children. No keys to lose or locks to rekey. This can nearly eliminate the […]

  • Mailbox Locks

          It may seem simple but think of how much information goes through your mailbox every day.  If someone got a hold of that, what damage and inconvieniences could be done. It all starts with the lock, keeping unwanted people, objects and debris from getting into your mailbox and mail.  As such a valuable […]

  • Patio Door LocksCAL Double Bolt Patio lock

    Is Your Sliding Glass Door A Security Weakness On Your Home? Our opinion is sliding glass doors are often the easiest way for a burglar to enter a home and most often not considered as a risk for most home owners.  No matter what type of door you have we have a solution to make […]

  • Pool Code and Gate Locks

    Pool Code and Gate Locks Do you have a pool and required to have a self closing and self latching door on all exits leading to the pool area?  At A Professional Locks we have your solution. In Arizona there are many pools and one of the responsibilities of a pool owner is to keep […]

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