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Intrusion Burglar Alarm Systems

There are not many better ways to detour burglars from breaking into your business than having a reliable alarm system with police monitoring. We carry a avariety of burglar alarm systems which are user friendly extremely effective at deterring and detecting intruders. There all types of detectors we can install to secure your assetts and employees from door transmitters, window transmitters, motion detectors, smoke detectors, carbonmonoxide detectors, flood/water sensors, glass break detectors, shock sensors, panic buttons, temperature sensors and more. If you have anything that you want protected we have a product to ensure its safety. Don’t have wires installed or access to install wires, no problem we have a full line of wireless devices available also saving installation time and expense. Thre are all types of colors, styles and sizes to maintain the aesthetics of your business without sacrificing security. Arming or disarming your alarm system can be done by a simple press of a button on your smart phone, remote key fob, or remotely miles away through the internet. All of these devices can be montiored by a UL listed central monitoring station 24/7 giving you the assurance and peace of mind that your business is securely protected at all times.

No phone line? No problem.

Often your business may be remote and do not have a phone line installed or if you are concerned your phone line can be compromised by a burglar, then just add a simple cellular communication devices to your system. These devices use a secure and reliable wireless GSM network to transmit your alarm system’s signal to our central station…no phone line needed.

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