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ADA Automatic Doors

ADA Automatic Doors

Is your facility handicap accessible? Does it need to be? ADA is a civil rights law not a building code however can be enforced and is recommended to prevent law suits and prohibit discrimination against people with disabilties. So what does this mean to you as a business owner. Essentially on certain types of facilities it is required to remove any rescritction to people with disabiltieis to access to or equal to that available to the general public.

This includes much more than just a door which opens by itself. It must be a door with a minimum of 30″ and a 90 degree opening, handles or levers which are easy for those with disabilitites to open or operate, a maximum opening force, minimum closing time. Automatic doors are not always the answer. Sometimes you can become ADA compliant with a new leverset and pneumonic door closer but if you want to ensure compliance and automatic door operator or closer is our best recommendation.

We specialize in installing automatic operators on commercial buildings, healthcare, Dr offices, schools, government and industrial facilties and much more. Most can be installed with little or no modifications to your existing frame and doors. We can also intergrate the operators into your new or existing access control system or intercom system.

Need lever door hardware or heavy duty door closers installed to be ADA compliant? We do that too.

The ADA allows up to 5 Lbs. of opening force at interior doors and suggests not more than 8 Lbs. at exterior doors. Many local codes enforce an 8 Lbs. maximum manual opening force at exterior doors. Low energy door operators can be beneficial at windy locations, since automatic doors are ADA exempt from manual opening forces a higher spring closing force of up to 15 Lbs. can be used to keep these problem doors closed. Whatever your situation we have a closer from several brands to meet your needs and budget.

We sale ADA automatic door operators including brands like:
Ingersoll Rand IR

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