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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

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  • Access Control

    As technology continues to advance don't be left behind. Prevent unauthorized access to your gates, entrance doors, server rooms and offices adds a whole new level of security to your facility. Control not only who can enter each area but also when, limiting time of day, holidays, after hours or whatever works best with your […]

  • ADA Automatic Doors

    ADA Automatic Doors Is your facility handicap accessible? Does it need to be? ADA is a civil rights law not a building code however can be enforced and is recommended to prevent law suits and prohibit discrimination against people with disabilties. So what does this mean to you as a business owner. Essentially on certain […]

  • CCTV

    Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Free Security Review of Your Home At A-Professional Locks we understand how important cameras can be for your homes to deter and protect.  There is a lot to consider when choosing the types of cameras, recording and viewing devices.  We are pleased to be your security consultant in designing a system to view […]

  • High Security Door Hardware

    High Security Door Hardware How secure is your business, employees, property and files?  This is a question every company should take a step back and ask themselves.  Are you secure? Inside our businesses we store confidential information which effect the lives of many.  Inventory, assets, computers and cash as a business we work hard to build and […]

  • Intercoms

    Need to know who is wanting to enter your home or business? Intercom systems can be installed at your port of entry allowing you to talk and see from another room or even another facility. Security, convenience, or effeciency are all good reasons to purchase an intercom system. Our intercoms are both wired or wirless. […]

  • Intrusion Systems

    Intrusion Burglar Alarm Systems There are not many better ways to detour burglars from breaking into your business than having a reliable alarm system with police monitoring.  We carry a variety of burglar alarm systems which are user friendly extremely effective at deterring and detecting intruders. There all types of detectors we can install to secure […]

  • Keyless Locks

    Keyless Locks Want to increase convenience and safety for your company try a keyless entry and/or card reader system.  Keyless entry is getting more and more popular with businesses eliminating often keys for most employees.  No keys to lose or locks to rekey when you have a turnover of employees.  In a case where an employee […]

  • Panic and Fire Hardware

    Panic and Fire Hardware

  • Safes


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