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Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys

Need a replacement car key?

What is a Transponder?
Most new cars not only need a mechanical key to turn the ignition but there are also computer chips inside which communicate with the getting permission to start the vehicle.  These keys are called transponder keys.  Transponder keys provide a radio transmission between the car and the key.  The vehicle "transmits" power to the key asking it a question, they key then "responds" with the answer of its unique serial number.  If the answer is correct the cars electronic/engine control units (ECU) allows it to turn on, if it does not the car will either not crank over or will immediatly turn off.  This is how it got its name "TRANSPONDER".

How much are Transponder Keys?
This creates higher pricing for spare keys or originating keys when keys are lost however it is a safety feature deterring a thief from taking possession of your car and driving it away.  Many vehicles have on board programming which allow you to reprogram a new key without special programming devices.  This process may take more than 30 minutes for the car key transponder to align itself with the system of the car and communicate with each other.  As new models get more and more technology advanced so are the keys so don't expect keys to get any cheaper.  To save you money it can save you hundreds of dollars to make a duplicate instead of originating a key when all keys are lost.  Duplicate transponder keys can be as cheap as $25.00, high end cars originating new keys can cost over a $1000.00.  Stop in today to make a copy of your transponder key before it is too late. 

How do I get new keys?
If you have lost all of your keys we can originate new keys also by either coming to you or you coming to us.

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