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Lock Repairs

Lock Repairs

  Like all things sometimes despite your best efforts things happen to your locks, keys, doors or frames which makes it difficult if not impossible to open your lock.  If this happens to you our certified and trained technicians have the skills, tools and parts to either fix your broken locks, rekey them, or if needed replace them with high quality locks which will last.  We service locks for most car makes and models including locks with transponder or electronic keys and locks.  We also service locks and keys for motorcycles, RV’s, quads, trailers and more. 

Sometimes it is not your lock which is causing the problems.  Other factors are bad keys, misaligned door and frames, swelling from moisture or temperature, and debris in or around the lock mechanisms. 

The most common cause of bad locks is badly cut keys or they are excessively worn.  Often excessive wear on a key occurs when keys are duplicated at hardware stores or locations where there machines are not kept calibrated and keys are cut too deep or spacing is off.  What this causes is it makes the key difficult to turn the lock, that is if you are lucky enough for it to work at all.  When this happens the keys snap, every time this occurs it weakens the keys prematurely.  Our machines are calibrated often and we guarantee good quality key cuts. 

Don’t spend the time going back and forth making several trips to the hardware store when you can come once and get it done right time and time again.  We have a wall full of thousands of key blanks which means more than likely we have the key blanks you need.

Other ways to protect yourself from breaking keys is to make sure the locks are well lubricated.  We recommend using a Teflon based lubricant like Tri-Flow or dry graphite.  Do not use WD-40 this will gunk up your lock in time and cause more problems then it fixes.  If you ever have trouble with a lock we recommend you calling a professional locksmith at A Professional Locks to fix it right before more damage is done with a broken key or lock.

Often as temperatures change or humidity in the air fluctuates it causes movement in the wood or metal of doors and frames which can make locks difficult to work.  Often there are simple adjustments which can be made to allow enough variables for these changes.  Doing it early can extend the life of your locks greatly.

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