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Locksmith phoenix chandler mesa az
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Emergency Car & Auto Lockout Services

It has happened to almost everyone, you shut the door or trunk just in time to realize you did not remove your keys before it latches shut.  With that being your only key, what do you do? Car or home lockouts always seem to occur during an inopportune time but a quick call to A Professional Locks can get a trained and certified locksmith to your car and get your keys back in minutes, and on your way. 

How Much Should A Lockout Cost?
We provide lockouts for as low as $55.00 which includes both the service call and openings.  Many companies when you call will give you a low service call rate like $29.00 plus labor but leave it open so when they get out there labor starts out over $100.oo more than you anticipated.  Don’t fall victim to their unethical practices and call a locksmith you can trust.  If you have been taken by one of these phony locksmiths see our Security Tips page to take action and learn how to protect yourself more.

What Tools are Used to Open a Door?
It may appear to be an easy task for a professional who has been trained and experience but it takes a lot of skill with the right tools to get it done quickly and most importantly without causing damage.  Each of our locksmith vans are well equipped with dozens of tools designed for every make and model of vehicle to get them open quickly. 

A common mistake many people fall into is to try to get themselves in with a coat hanger or “slim jim” which there are very few cars which these tools will work, more often then not trying to get in without experience and right tools will cause damage to your locks, windows, or internal mechanisms in your door panel which can become a nightmare and expensive to fix.  Of course if this happens we do have a shop in Chandler which you can bring in your vehicle where we can repair most damages which can occur during these processes.  We are the only locksmith storefront shop in Chandler, since 1987.

How Can I Prevent Myself From Getting Locked Out?
My best advice to anyone is not what to do when you get locked out but how to prevent it.  There is several things you can do if you find your self in this situation you can get yourself back in with little inconvenience to yourself. 

  1. First always make sure you have a couple of spare keys somewhere.  Not only is this helpful in a lockout but if you lose a key the price is significantly more to generate a new key, especially as the keys get more computer chips installed that price can cost you hundreds of dollars and often days to get a new key made. 
  2. Once you have a spare key we recommend placing a spare in your wallet, purse or you can purchase from us a push button lock box or for less security magnetic key hiders which you can hide a key on your vehicle somewhere.  One hint for magnetic hiders iss to put it resting on top of something and not hanging sideways or upside down.  If it upside down or sideways through rough travels and things on the road you have a high chance of that magnet falling off and the key won’t be available when you need it.  Also hide it in a difficult place to get, it may make it more difficult to get when you know where it is but think how much more difficult it would be for someone who doesn’t know trying to find one to steal your car. 

Key Hiders We Recommend
We also sell vehicle boxes designed to withstand the weather which you can mount to you vehicle and only access is with a code which you can choose and change on your own.  This is our best recommendation having your key secure and easily accessible when needed.  Come visit us at our shop on Alma School Rd and Ray Road to choose a variety of options which will best fit your needs and budget.  We are your only Chandler locksmith with a shop dedicated to serving our customers.

What Do You Do If a Child or Animal is Locked in Your Car?
On rare occasions lockouts can occur with little children or animals in the car.  If this happens know that A Professional Locks will open your car FREE of charge anytime a child is locked in the car.  We have locksmiths throughout the valley but if we don’t have someone available quickly time can be crucial especially with the summer heat in Arizona.  We recommend if we can not get there to call 911. 

While you wait what you can do in the mean time could save your child’s life.  Try to cover up the windows to provide shade inside the car which will slow down the heating process.  Talk to your children to make sure they are coherent and will keep them calm. 

If they loose consciousness it is important you get in quickly and may require the last resort need to break a window to get to them.  If this is the case do not break a window which is near your child.  Surprisingly the most expensive window to replace in most vehicles is the smaller windows, the cheapest one will always be the windshield.  Again this should be a last resort due to difficulty and much larger expense to replace a window.  Once you are in make sure your child is checked out by a paramedic to make sure everything is fine and get them hydrated again quickly.

Advice For You
If you yourself happen to be locked out call your local Chandler locksmith, A Professional Locks, and try to find some shade and water while you wait.  We treat emergency lockouts seriously and do the best we can to get to you quickly. 

We recommend storing our number in your cell phones before you need a locksmith so you can get quick response and not run the chance of getting taken by phony locksmiths who charge extremely unreasonable prices.

 How to Get a FREE Lockout.
Want a FREE lockout?  Did you know the lockout you called us to do, most insurance companies and policies will cover with little or no expense out of your pocket.  Most policies with roadside assistance, towing or glass coverage will pay for locksmith services.   We always try to inform our customers to check with their insurance companies, most often money spent will be given back.  Turn in your receipt and you’ll often receive a check in the mail for what you spent.  Something you pay for anyways so might as well take advantage of it if you need it, that is why you have it right?

We not only provide lockout services in Chandler but also in Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Peoria, Tolleson and more.  With several service technicians throughout the whole valley we can typically respond quickly and provide the superior service with integrity and a great value.


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Emergency Car & Auto Lockout Openings
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