DL5000 Digital Touchscreen Safes

Electronic Security
Features :State-of-the-art DL5000 electronic lock

  • A large 3 ¾” touch screen LCD input display allows smooth and easy operation.
  • Mode altering display changes from orange in standby mode to bright blue in the open position.
  • Accepts (2) user codes and can show open door records for the past 14 entries.
  • LCD touch screen display shows low-battery indicator, time, date and keypad.
  • Emergency key-lock override system with two (2) keys, power override battery box, built-in spy-proof function and motion detector alert.
  • Heavy 14 gauge solid steel construction, plus dual live bolts made also of heavy gauge steel.
  • Can be bolted to the wall or floor.
  • Carpeted base.
  • Pry-resistant recessed door with internal hinges for anti-theft protection.
  • Mounting feet and anchor hardware standard.
  • Models EST1014 and EST2014 have one removable shelf.

DL5000 Electronic Lock


DL5000 Lock Features :

 DL4000 Power Override Box DL4000 Emergency Keys  DL5000 Emergency Key Lock Hole DL4000 Battery Compartment
 Power Override Box Emergency Keys Emergency Keyhole Battery Compartment

Note: Previous “ES” Models have been discontinued. This includes models: ES813, ES916, ES1014 and ES2014

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